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Our MahaTarpan Service offers a convenient and hassle-free solution for people to conduct after-life rituals for their departed loved ones. Our service offers the flexibility to be performed both online and on-site, allowing you to conduct rituals from anywhere in the world, at your convenience.

Our team of experienced purohits will carry out the rituals on your behalf in Kashi (Varanasi / Banaras), the holiest place for Hindus to perform such rituals. We strictly adhere to the almanac based on the lunar calendar and perform the rituals as per the dharmic traditions and family values of our clientele.

To access any of the services listed below, just click on your desired option, fill out the form, and proceed with payment for the ritual. If the chosen service is online, our team will collect all necessary details about your loved ones, conduct the ritual on your behalf, and share a video of the ceremony upon completion. For on-site services, we'll coordinate all essential pooja materials and the purohit to ensure a seamless experience at a location and time that suit your needs and preferences.

Honoring your departed loved ones with after-life rituals holds deep significance, offering sacred blessings and solace. Through our service, you can honor their memory and extend heartfelt wishes for their eternal peace.

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