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Tripindi Shraddh

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Service Description

The term Tripindi is a compound of two words, 'Tri' means 'three' & 'Pind' means offerings to the departed souls. These departed souls are also called Pitru/Pitr or ancestors. Tripindi Shradh is the contribution to the memory of the departed souls (Pitru). Tripindi Shradh means the Pind daan to the last three generations, who passed away. Tripindi Shradh is also known as Pitru dosh. How Tripindi Shraddh is Performed: If someone has passed away from the past three generations in a very young or old age then the descendants had to do Tripindi Shradh. It is a ceremony of offering foods and waters to the souls of departed ones and ancestors. It is also known as Tripindi Shanti Vidhi. One can perform online tripindi shraddha or offline. By doing so the departed ancestors soul will achieve calm and peace. If the Tripindi Shradh has not been done for continuously last three years, then the departed soul gets angry, therefore the Tripindi Shradh is a must procedure to calm that souls. By doing this puja, forgiveness for the souls of ancestors is asked for, from the Divine.The Shraadh ritual turns more auspicious and beneficial if completed within the Pitrapaksh of the month of Bhadrapada (Sept-Oct) . With Mahatarpan services choose best online tripindi shraddha in Varanasi and get your puja done in the best possible way. Benefits of Tripindi Shraddha pooja: •It will give salvation to the ancestors soul. •It will give peace to the soul of deceased person and happiness to the family. •Person and family will be blessed with good health and wealth. •Pooja can safeguard against unnatural and early deaths in family. •Person will get success in his life and will attain salvation after his death. How Mahatarpan can help you? Choose Online Tripindi Shraddh in Varanasi from our services and let our learned purohits help you. Cost of all the necessary thing for online tripindi shraddh is inclusive other than the travel cost. Contact us for any queries : +91 9598750867 More about Tripindi Shraddh at

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+91 9598750867

MAHATARPAN, Nagwa Road, Near Assi Ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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