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Experience the Mystic Energy of Kashi through Special Pooja and Vedic Rituals

Discover the Sacred Traditions of Kashi Through Personalized Poojas and Vedic Ceremonies. Immerse Yourself in the Mystical Energy of this Holy City and Connect with the Divine.

What is Special Pooja?

Special Poojas are an essential part of the spiritual life of every devout Hindu. Whether you are seeking to rectify negative planetary positions in your birth chart, satisfy your ancestors, or liberate souls through death rituals, our customized Poojas can help. Our experienced priests perform authentic and personalized rituals to remove obstacles from your life, mitigate negative influences, and bring you blessings and good fortune. Come and experience the transformative power of these age-old practices, and connect with the divine through our Special Pooja services.

How is Special Pooja done?

Our Pooja services are performed by knowledgeable and experienced priests in Varanasi, who take Samkalp (a sacred vow) in the name of the devotee. We offer a range of customizable services based on the client's preferences and requests, at temples, ghats, or other auspicious locations in the holy city of Varanasi, renowned for its special Poojas. To provide a lasting memory of the experience, we capture the entire event on video or in photographs and send it to the client, serving as a beautiful proof of their special Pooja performed by us in Varanasi, also known as Kashi.

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List of Special Pooja in Kashi (Varanasi)

  • Rudrabhishekam

  • Maha-Mrityunjaya Jap Seva

  • Milk Offering to Shiva Linga

  • Offerings to Goddess Ganga

  • Shringar & Poojan of Lord Shiva

  • Mangal Dosh Nivaran

  • Nav-Graha Shanti Pooja

  • Vinayak Shanti Pooja

  • Shodash Samskara according to Hinduism like Namkaran, Upnayan, seemantonnayan and Vivaha Samskara in Varanasi

  • Piambara Baglamukhi Pooja

  • Sri Lakshmi Sahastracharn Pooja

  • Death Ritual Services like Pind daan, Asthi Visarjan and Shradh (Tripindi Shradh, Naag Bali and Narayan Bali Shradh at Pishachmochan Kund Varanasi)

Havan, Yajna (Yagya) and Vedic Rituals Service in Varanasi

We provide the facility of performing Havan & Yagya in any temple of Kashi. To know more about it simply call us at +91 9598750867 or explore our website

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