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Abdikam or Shraddh Pooja

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  • 2 hr
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  • Varanasi or Prayagraj

Service Description

Shraddh Pooja is a Hindu ritual performed to pay homage to one's ancestors, particularly one's deceased parents. It is a way for individuals to express gratitude and remembrance towards their parents and ancestors for their contributions in shaping their lives. The ritual can be performed separately for the father and mother on their respective death anniversaries, known as "thithi," according to the Hindu Calendar. Additionally, it is performed collectively for the entire community of ancestors during the Pitru Paksha or Shraaddh Paksha, which occurs in the fortnight of ancestors just before Sharad Navaratri in autumn. The word ‘Shraddh’ is derived from Sanskrit and means "confidence" or "devotion." It signifies the sincerity and absolute faith with which the ritual is performed. The rituals of Shraddh Puja involve various actions carried out by the karta, the person who performs the ritual. These actions typically include inviting Brahmanas (priests) to the ceremony, worshiping and feeding them, performing a homa (fire ritual) to appease the deities Agni and Soma, and offering balls of rice (pinda pradaana) to the ancestral spirits. The offerings are made to three generations of ancestors on both the paternal and maternal sides.

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+91 9598750867

MAHATARPAN, Nagwa Road, Near Assi Ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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