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Rudrabhishekam puja cost


Rudrabhishekam is a Hindu Vedic ritual that is performed to appease lord shiva (Rudra), In this pooja people worship th Linga form of lord shiva named as lord Rudra. Rudrabhishek is also called Shuklayajurvediya rudrashtadhyayi. It means lord Shiva and eights paths. Lord Shiva is included in these eight paths. Rudrashtadhyayi mainly contains ten paths but eight path is considered as main paths. Rudrashtadhyayi is the part of Yajurveda and vedas are considered best and holy scriptures in Hinduism. The Vedas are the part of Shiva. Rudrabhishekam puja in Hinduism is the way by which one worships Shiva by traditional means and ancient rites by enchanting Mantras, doing Mudras and using various yantra. All the offerings are owed to the lord Shiva, who’s in the form of Lingam.

Rudrabhishekam puja cost

Rudrabhishekam puja cost:

Rudrabhishekam puja cost depends on few factors such as Ingredients, location, purohits etc.
Ingredients used in Rudrabhishekam puja:

1.For Abhishek -Gangajal, Gulab Jal, Milk, sugarcane, curd, honey, ghee etc.

2.For panchamrit – water mixed with yogurt, sugar and basil leaves, honey etc.

3.For Puja – Droop, Agarbatti, Kapoor, Diya, Rudraksha, Vibhooti, Sandal paste.

4.Turmeric powder, Kumkum, panchpatra, kalasam, kalash vastram, coins.

5.Naivedhya – Any sweets, Clothes, Fruits, Bael Patra, Dhatura, Betel leaves, betel nut, Bela Fruit & Coconut.


Location is one of the major aspects of rudrabhishekam puja cost. Rudrabhishekam puja cost Rudrabhishekam is a puja that is performed for lord shiva so the location must be a place where Lord shiva is mainly worshipped such as Kashi, Kedarnath, Haridwar, Ujjain etc this puja is mainly performed at 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. In Hinduism there is a slok for 12 jyotirlingas :

“सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च श्रीशैलेमल्लिकार्जुनम्।
उज्जयिन्यां महाकालं ओम्कारम् अमलेश्वरम्॥
परल्यां वैद्यनाथं च डाकिन्यांभीमशङ्करम्।
सेतुबन्धे तु रामेशंनागेशं दारुकावने॥
वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशंत्र्यम्बकं गौतमीतटे।
हिमालये तु केदारंघुश्मेशं च शिवालये॥
एतानि ज्योतिर्लिङ्गानि सायं प्रातःपठेन्नरः ।
सप्तजन्मकृतंपापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति"॥

“But this puja is mainly performed at home because every time one can does not go to a special place to perform this puja, now people haven’t to travel to perform at a special location to perform this puja they can take help of Mahatarpan and let their Scholar purohits perform this puja through online or offline.

“For NRI’s and Busy professionals who cannot travel to the main places, Mahatarpan purohits perform Rudrabhishekam remotely at your chosen place. Rudrabhishekam puja will be performed on your name according to your chosen plan and time. Whole Pooja will be live, and the videos of your puja will be shared with you on WhatsApp. Your Pooja will be performed by Our scholar purohits who has more than 10 years’ experience. Contact us now for any query. Click on the link below:

Effects of Purohits in Rudrabhishekam puja cost :

Purohits are also one of the key aspects of rudrabhishekam puja cost. The Rudrabhishekam puja is conducted by purohits in a right way, as mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. If the purohits are not performing the Rudrabhishek in the correct manner, it may have various effects. Here are a few possible consequences:

1. If the purohits are not doing the puja as prescribed in the scriptures, then it may diminish the impact of the Rudrabhishek, leading to a reduced spiritual experience for the participants.

2.Rudrabhishek is performed with specific intentions, such as seeking blessings, well-being, or removal of obstacles. If the ritual is not performed correctly, it may affect the fulfilment of the desired outcomes.

3.Displeasure of deities: Hindu rituals are performed to honour and appease the deities. When these rituals are not conducted in a proper way, it is believed that the deities may get displeased. This may lead to a lack of divine blessings.

4.Loss of faith: Devotees who have faith in the power of rituals may become disillusioned if they observe improper execution of the Rudrabhishek. This can lead to a loss of trust in the purohits and a decline in their belief and the effectiveness of the ceremony.

5.Cultural and traditional significance: Rituals like Rudrabhishek are not just religious practices but also hold cultural and traditional significance. When performed incorrectly, it can undermine the preservation and understanding of these cultural aspects, impacting the overall heritage.

It is important to note that the effects may vary depending on an individual's beliefs and the significance they attribute to the ritual. Some people may be more tolerant or forgiving of imperfections, while others may attach greater importance to precise execution. So, to avoid yourslef from such purohits you can contact us on our website without heeding on rudrabhishekam puja cost.

"Mahatarpan have the best purohits to perform the rituals, as prescribed in the Hindu scriptures. These Purohits are well trained and have the experience of performing the rituals for more than 10 years. These purohits can perform all types of poojas conducted in the Hindu religion, at a very preferable cost. The Rudrabhishekam puja cost by Mahatarpan is at very preferable rate and provides the best services."

Rudrabhishekam puja cost

Rudrabhishekam Procedure :

1.The Rudraabhishek begins by bathing the Shivalinga with all the ingredients of the ritual including milk, curd, sugarcane.

2.Then, Purohits decorate Linga with Bel patras and flowers.

3.The priests perform the Rudrabhishek with the Rudraksha beads by reciting the 108 names of lord Rudra.

4.Then purohits chant Mantras of lord Rudra.

5.The purohits chant the mantra of rudrastadhyayi in a rhythm to purify the entire atmosphere.

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