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The mention of the temple is first found in "Kashi Khand".The first debate took place between the "Arya Samaj and the scholars of Kashi" in Durga Kund.According to history,This temple was built in 1760 AD by Rani Bhavani, the queen of Bengal.

Maa Durga is seated in the form of a Yantra in this temple. This temple is made of red stones.There is Durga Kund on one side of this temple.There are also idols of Baba Bhaironath, Goddess Laxmi, Mother Saraswati and Mahakali in this temple.According to Hinduism,After the killing of Shumbha and Nishumbha, Maa Durga rested in the temple located in Durgakund after getting tired.The effulgence of the Goddess in this temple is so fierce that by standing in front of the mother and having darshan, the sins of many births are burnt to ashes.

Story :

There is a popular story that Kashi Naresh Raja Subahu announced Swayamvar when his daughter was eligible for marriage.In the poor evening of Swayamvar Diwas, in the dream of Rajkumari, she saw marriage happening with Sudarshan, the prince of Ayodhya.she told this to her father, the next day when Kashi Naresh told this to the kings who came to Swayamvar, they got angry.

And all the kings challenged Prince Sudarshan for war, after accepting the challenge, the prince sought blessings from Maa Bhagwati.

Where the prince worshiped Shakti, that mother herself appeared and protected the prince.It is said that the mother appeared in the battlefield and killed everyone.The place where there was bloodshed in this war became a pond known as "Durgakund".People believe that the water in this pool comes from Patal, that's why it never dries up.


Importance of Durgakund:

Wherever the mother herself appears, her statue is not installed, in such temples there is a rule of worshiping the symbol.The temple is based on the Bisa Yantra, a mechanical structure with twenty angles on which the foundation of the temple is placed.All kinds of auspicious works are done here. There is a havan kund inside the temple where havans are performed daily.

Yagya place


According to religious beliefs, it is mandatory to see Kakuteshwar Mahadev after seeing Maa Durga.There is an interesting story related to this that some robbers made a resolution that if the work they are going for is done, they will offer human sacrifice to the mother.When he got success by the grace of mother, they started looking for someone for human sacrifice and they found the priest of the same temple But the priest urged for his daily worship, after worship the robbers sacrificed him.As soon as those robbers sacrificed the priest, the mother appeared and revived the priest.As soon as the priest became alive, he urged the mother that he wanted a place at her feet, not life.After this, the mother gave him a boon that after the darshan of the mother, the worship would not be valid without the darshan of that priest.Today that temple is known as Kukkuteshwar Mahadev.

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