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Varanasi the cultural capital of India is a city that is yet to fully explored. People from all the corners of the world are eager to know about this divine city and the mysterious places of this city like Manikarnika ghat, Raj ghat, Kaal Bhairav temple, Chandra Koop, Dhanvantari well and Maa Varahi temple. They want to know about the History of Kashi, they want to know about the people of Kashi. As it is a fact if you want to know something you will have to read the books based on that thing. In this blog we will focus about the books based on Kashi.


Books based on Kashi:

1.Kashi Khand: There are eighteen puranas in Hinduism and Skand (is another name of lord Kartikeya) Puran is one of them It has seven Khandโ€™s namely Maheshwar Khand, Vaishnav Khand, Brahm Khand, Avanti kshetra Khand, Nagar Khand, Prabhasi Khand and Kashi Khand. In Sat Yuga, Kashi Khand has more than 13000 slokas. Kashi Khand has been narrated by lord Skanda to Sage Agastya about Kashi.


ย 2.Kashi- the city illustrious or Benares: This book is written by Edwin Greaves published in 1909. Edwin has divided this book into eleven chapters which provide information on the tradition, history of Banaras.


3.Kashi - SECRET OF THE BLACK TEMPLE: This book is written by Vineet Vajpeyi as the Kashi โ€“ Secret of the Black Temple. This book is third part of the Harappa Series. This novel a fiction novel that blends mythology and history and presents itself as a modern-day thriller.


4."Banaras: City of Light" by Diana L. Eck and John M. Fritz: In this collaborative work, Diana L. Eck and John M. Fritz present a visual feast with their book "Banaras: City of Light." Combining Eck's scholarly insights with Fritz's stunning photography, the book captures the city's essence through its vibrant rituals, diverse communities, and architectural marvels. It is a visual and intellectual exploration that offers a unique perspective on Kashi.


5."A River Sutra" by Gita Mehta: Gita Mehta's "A River Sutra" is a collection of interconnected stories that take place along the banks of a fictional river. One of the tales is set in Varanasi and beautifully captures the spiritual atmosphere of the city. Mehta's storytelling skill brings to life the diverse characters who find solace and meaning in the ancient city's mystical ambience.


6."Varanasi: A Literary Anthology" edited by Namita Gokhale: Namita Gokhale curates a collection of writings that span several centuries in "Varanasi: A Literary Anthology." The anthology includes works by renowned poets, authors, and philosophers who have been inspired by the spiritual energy of Kashi. It provides readers with a diverse and comprehensive view of the city's influence on literature.



Kashi, with its timeless charm and spiritual significance, continues to inspire writers and readers alike. The books mentioned above offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Varanasi, exploring its spirituality, history, and cultural vibrancy. Whether through scholarly studies, gripping fiction, or visual narratives, these books provide a portal for readers to immerse themselves in the mystical realm of Kashi, a city that remains an eternal muse for storytellers.


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