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Rudrabhishekam benefits


Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world, with roots that can be traced back over 6,000 years. It is the third-largest religion globally, with most of its followers residing in India and Nepal. Hinduism is a one of the ancient religions with a wide range of beliefs, practices, and philosophical ideas. There are several Gods and each one has its own significance. In Hinduism different pooja’s are performed for the blessing of Gods and Rudrabhishekam is one of those significant pooja. There are many rudrabhishekam benefits such as peace, love, harmony, Prosperity etc. Rudrabhishekam is a sacred ritual performed in Hinduism as an offering to Lord Shiva, one of the major deities in the Hindu community. In Rudrabhishekam "Rudra" stands for Lord Shiva, who is also known as Rudra, and "Abhishekam" stands for act of oweing the deity with various substances such as ghee, honey, milk, water, curd etc. Rudrabhishekam is considered a powerful and significant ceremony that is believed to bring blessings, purification, and spiritual upliftment. Lord Rama has performed this puja before crossing the ocean to retrieve Sita and defeat Ravan in Lanka.

Rudrabhishekam benefits

Ingredients used in Rudrabhishekam:

In Rudrabhishekam, the ShivaLing, which is the representation of Lord Shiva, is poured with different pious ingredients such as water, milk, curd, honey, ghee (clarified butter), sugar cane juice, Sandalwood paste, Belpatra etc and the pooja with each ingredient has its own rudrabhishekam benefits. These substances are poured over the shivaling and the purohits chant sacred mantras and prayers dedicated to Lord Shiva. These ingredients are the key aspect of rudrabhishekam puja cost.

Rudrabhishekam benefits:

There are many rudrabhishekam benefits:

•Source of positive energy and brings the happiness at the place where the pooja is performed.

•It minimizes the sins and brings the blessings in one’s life.

•It fills one’s life with prosperity and joy.

•The main Rudrabhishekam benefits is that it purifies devotee's soul.

•Removes all the doshas and blesses with all type of good and positive energies.

•One of the Rudrabhishekam benefits is that the success chances get higher by performing this puja.

•It prevents the chances of accidents and bestows the blessings both physically and mentally.

•It creates positive vibes in the surroundings.

•The rudrabhishekam benefits gives the person a special outcome of their good deeds.


According to Ancient books, Lord Brahma originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu. When Brahmaji tried to know the reason of his birth, he went to lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu told Brahma jee that you were born because of me. But Brahmaji was not denying reality, that is why a fierce war took place between them. Angered by this war, Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Rudra (Linga). When Brahma and Vishnu could not find the beginning and end of this Linga, they accepted defeat and worshipped the Linga, which pleased God. It is said that this was the reason of Rudrabhishekam origin.

Rudrabhishekam benefits

Significance of Rudrabhishekam:

The significance of Rudrabhishekam lies in its spiritual symbolism. The pouring of various substances represents the devotion and surrender of the devotee, while the mantras and prayers invoke the divine energies and blessings of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Rudrabhishekam can bestow blessings such as purification of the mind and body, removal of obstacles, fulfillment of desires, and spiritual growth.

Devotees often participate in Rudrabhishekam seeking spiritual upliftment, seeking relief from physical or mental afflictions, or expressing gratitude and reverence towards Lord Shiva. It is also believed to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to one's life.

Rudrabhishekam is one of the most significant, purest and divine ceremonies to please Lord Shiva. It is the greatest spiritual puja in all the vedic scriptures.

Performing Rudrabhishekam puja in the month of SHRAWAN is considered as auspicious.


Rudrabhishekam is a very significant pooja which is performed by Hindus to appease lord shiva named as Rudra to get rid of their sins and negativity. According to Rudrastadhyayi, “Rudra is shiva and shiva is Rudra” रुतम्-दु: खम्, द्रावयति-नाशयतीतिरुद्र: It means shiva in form of Rudra destroys our negativity.

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