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Pind Daan is an afterlife ritual performed as a mark of respect and love for the departed souls. The word ‘Pind’ refers to the ritualistic offerings made to the deceased, while ‘Daan’ implies charity or donation. Pind Daan means offering or donation made for the peace of departed souls. In Gaya an 18-day ceremony is organized as Pitru Paksha Mela (Ceremony) every year for 18 days during the month of monsoon seasons September to October for pind daan and this is the best time for pind daan in Gaya. Indian people from all over world visit Gaya Ji during the months of pitru paksha mela to offer pind daan.

Best time for pind daan in Gaya:

Pind daan is performed according to Vedic rules at a specific time and at a specific location. The best time for pind daan in Gaya is September to October because a ceremony for 18 days is organized in Gaya where Hindus from all over world come to perform pind daan for the peace of their departed elders.

Pind daan

Pind daan:

Pind Daan is a sacred ritual which is performed after the death of a person, and it is the only process to attain mukthi from the cycle of rebirth & death. Hindus believe that Gaya pind daan is a must ritual that is accomplished after the death of their loved ones. For Hindus, Gaya Pind daan is the most vital & mandatory ritual to free the deceased souls. This ritual is aimed to ease the journey of the soul towards final salvation, and it is also believed that if pind daan is performed, the soul need not fall again into the cycle of rebirth. Some of these rituals and ceremonies will usher blessings, happiness, good fortune on the living family.

Pind daan places: Pind is mainly performed at few Locations:

1.Varanasi is one of the holiest places to perform pind daan and the best time for pind daan in Varanasi is September.

2.Gaya is the best place to perform after life rituals like pind daan, shraddh, narayanbali etc. Mahatarpan is a foundation working for busy professionals with their best purohits in Gaya, one can avail their services which are performed by their scholar purohits and the best time for pind daan in Gaya is September-October.

3.Pushkar is a place located in Rajasthan that is very popular for performing after life rituals like Shraddh, pind daan etc.

Pind daan expenses:

Pind daan expenses depend on location, Pandits and few other things, there are many foundations working for this purpose, in these foundations our foundation Mahatarpan provides best service with their best purohits.


Pind daan is a type of after life ritual that is performed for peace of one’s departed elders, this ritual is performed at various locations like Varanasi, Gaya, Haridwar, Avantika etc. and the best time for pind daan in Gaya is September-October.

At MahaTarpan, we bridge tradition with convenience, offering you a seamless way to honor your ancestors. Our team of experienced purohits is dedicated to conducting rituals like tarpan, Pind Daan, Shraadh, Asthi Visarjan and other puja with unparalleled devotion, ensuring every ceremony resonates with your family's values and the strict adherence to the almanac.

Our Services Include 

  • Expert Purohits for Personalized Rituals

  • Hassle-Free Online and Offline Ceremony Options

  • Comprehensive Travel and Stay Arrangements

Choose Maha Tarpan for a deeply spiritual journey, honoring your loved ones with the respect and devotion they deserve. Connect with us for a sacred experience, where tradition meets tranquility.

Let's preserve the essence of our heritage, together.

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