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In the variegated fabric of Indian cultural and religious practices, certain customs related to death and the afterlife hold immense importance. A profound and holy ritual in Hinduism is "Asthi Visarjan," which is deeply ingrained in the customs of the religion. Signifying the liberation of the soul from its earthly connections, this ritual is a touching and reverential way of bidding adieu to the physical body of a departed individual. Come journey with us as we delve into the poignant meaning, traditions, and heartfelt impact of Asthi Visarjan.ย 


Understanding Asthi Visarjan:

Honouring those who have passed, in Hindu tradition, involves a ceremony called Asthi Visarjan. During this ritual, the remains of the deceased, known as "Asthi," are set adrift in a sacred water source to achieve liberation, or "moksha." By immersion in the flowing water, the soul is freed from the cycle of rebirth and renewed. Emphasizing the importance of Asthi Visarjan, this ceremony is performed to ensure a spiritual release and transcendence, which is the meaning of "Visarjan".

asthi visarjan

Significance of Asthi Visarjan:

1.Liberation of the Soul: Asthi Visarjan is believed to facilitate the journey of the departed soul to the afterlife. Hindus believe that the immersion of ashes in a holy river or other bodies of water symbolizes the soul's release from the mortal coil, allowing it to attain peace and liberation.

2.Cleansing Ritual: Water is considered purifying in Hinduism, and immersing the ashes in a river or the sea is seen as a cleansing process. This act is symbolic of the soul's purification and transition to a higher spiritual realm.

3.Connection with Nature: By choosing natural bodies of water for Asthi Visarjan, the ritual emphasizes the interconnectedness of life and nature. This connection is an essential aspect of Hindu philosophy, highlighting the cyclical nature of existence.


Customs and Rituals:

1.Collection of Ashes: After the cremation of the deceased, the family collects the ashes in an urn or a container, often decorated with flowers and other symbolic items.

2.Journey to the Sacred Site: The family then embarks on a pilgrimage to a sacred river, such as the Ganges, Yamuna, or other revered water bodies. However, if traveling to a distant location is not feasible, local rivers or the sea are also considered suitable.

3.Prayers and Rituals: Upon reaching the chosen site, the family performs prayers and rituals led by a priest or family elder. Mantras and hymns are recited to seek blessings for the departed soul.

4.Immersion of Ashes: Immersion of the urn into water gently signifies the release of the soul. Some families choose adding flower petals or similar offerings to the ashes when releasing them.


Emotional Resonance:

For those mourning the loss of a loved one, the Asthi Visarjan can bring a sense of closure and fulfillment. It is an emotional and personal experience that marks the end of the departed's earthly journey with respect and sanctity. By releasing the ashes into the water, the family can express their love, sorrow, and reverence in a cathartic moment that is deeply meaningful.



The spiritual journey of Asthi Visarjan is much more than just a customary practice. It acts as a connection between the physical and divine worlds and upholds the core principles of Hinduism- the ephemerality of existence and the timeless essence of the soul. This symbolic adieu, executed with ardour and affection, gives tribute to the deceased and brings consolation to those who bear the intricate fabric of sorrow and understanding.

At MahaTarpan, we bridge tradition with convenience, offering you a seamless way to honor your ancestors. Our team of experienced purohits is dedicated to conducting rituals like tarpan, Pind Daan, Shraadh, Asthi Visarjan and other puja with unparalleled devotion, ensuring every ceremony resonates with your family's values and the strict adherence to the almanac.

Our Services Includeย 

  • Expert Purohits for Personalized Rituals

  • Hassle-Free Online and Offline Ceremony Options

  • Comprehensive Travel and Stay Arrangements

Choose Maha Tarpan for a deeply spiritual journey, honoring your loved ones with the respect and devotion they deserve. Connect with us for a sacred experience, where tradition meets tranquility.

Let's preserve the essence of our heritage, together.

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