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Pind daan:

Pind Daan puja is a sacred ritual in India which is performed after the death of a person. This ritual is performed to attain Mukti from the cycle of rebirth & death. According to Hindu beliefs the Gaya pind daan is a must ritual which should be accomplished after the death of their loved ones. It is considered that the Gaya Pind daan is the most vital & mandatory ritual to free the deceased souls. Perform best pind daan puja online with the best purohits of Varanasi through Mahatarpan and let us help you.All the necessary things for Online pinddaan pooja are inclusive instead of your travel expenses.

Asthi Visarjan :

According to Hindu rituals after the death, soul gets salvation by burning & immersing the remainant of the dead bodies in the form of ashes in holy rivers like the Ganga. This immersion of the dead bodyโ€™s ashes and leftover bones in the holy river Ganga is called Asthi Visarjan or Asthi pravah. This word is taken from Sanskrit where Asthi means bones or ashes & Visarajan means to immerse. In this hectic work schedule people can not come to those holy places to perform these rituals so now the can send the Asthi to Mahatarpan and let our purohit perform online asthi visarjan puja in varanasi on your behalf.perform best online asthi visarjan puja in varanasi with best purohits of varanasi. All expenses are inclusive insted of client's travel expenses.

Tripindi Shraddh :

The term Tripindi is a compound of two words, 'Tri' means 'three' & 'Pind' means offerings to the departed souls. These departed souls are also called Pitru/Pitr or ancestors. Tripindi Shradh is the contribution to the memory of the departed souls(Pitru). Tripindi Shradh means the Pind daan to the last three generations, who passed away. Tripindi Shradh is also known as Pitru dosh. Choose Online tripindi Shraddh in Varanasi from our services and let our learned purohits help you. Cost of all the necessary thing for online tripindi shraddh is inclusive instead of travel cost.

Shraddh :

Shraddha performed every year on the same thithi of the same month the particular person passed away. Here the Karta offers the rituals of offering food and tarpana to the three generationsโ€™ ancestors - pitrudevathas. This enables blessings of Pitrus and vamsavriddhi.

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