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In Hinduism, "pinddaan" refers to a ritual known as Pind Dan. Pind Daan is an important Hindu ritual performed to offer homage to the departed souls of ancestors and loved ones. The ritual is believed to bring peace and salvation to the souls of the deceased. It is performed by the relatives of the departed person.

The term "pind" in Pind Daan refers to a circular-shaped food offering made during the ritual. The pinds are prepared by kneading rice or barley flour into circular balls, which are then offered to the deceased. The ritual is performed during the Shraddh period, also known as Pitru Paksha, which is a 16-day lunar period dedicated to honouring ancestors.

                       Best Day for Pind Daan

Best day for pind daan:

When it comes to the best day for Pind Daan, there are differing opinions:

According to Hindu religion, the shraddh paksh is dedicated to our ancestors. During this period, people perform pind daan puja for pitru shanti rituals for the soul of ancestors to rest in peace. The last day of the pitru paksh month is known as Mahalaya Amavasya. The shraddh paksh also ends on this day. In 2023 it falls on October 14, 2023. Mahalaya Amavasya is highly effective day for those people who do not know about the death date of their ancestors, or if they are unable to perform tarpan and pind daan during other days of shraddh paksh. The souls of our departed loved one’s depart on the mahalaya day if the pitru puja is performed well. It is believed that the soul of an ancestor visits his belonging house with the expectation of shradh or tarpan on Mahalaya Amavasya of the Bhadrapad month. But, if pind daan puja is not performed their soul will go back disappointed. So, it is especially important to perform shradh of one’s ancestors on Mahalaya Amavasya day. Hence Mahalaya Amavasya is the best day for Pind Daan.

When it comes to the best day for Pind Daan, there are differing opinions:

  • Afternoon Timing: According to Hinduism, the recommended time for performing Pind Daan is between 1 pm and 5 pm. The reason behind this suggestion is that during this time, the sun is in the south node, which is considered favourable for the ancestors to receive the offerings of Pind Daan.

  • Morning Timing: it is suggested that the best time for Pind Daan is early in the morning. It is recommended to perform all the rituals before taking any meals.

  • Anytime During the Day: Pind Daan rituals can be performed at any time during the day. However, it is recommended not to consume grain or any food items before the ritual.

  • Morning or Daytime: It is better to perform Pind Daan in the morning while fasting. However, if fasting is not preferred, it can be performed anytime during the day before sunset.

Based on these opinions, it can be inferred that the best time for Pind Daan can vary, and it ultimately depends on personal preferences and beliefs. Some people recommend performing it in the afternoon, while others suggest early morning. However, performing the rituals before consuming any meals is generally advised.

“According to Mahatarpan purohits, one should perform these afterlife rituals in a neat and clean environment and the time of death of one’s departed elders will decide the best time for pind daan. And best time for pind daan depends on the type of pind daan, there are three types of pind daan :

  • PITRU DOSH NIVARAN PUJA: It consists of Shraddh Karma, the offering of food and clothes to Brahmins, Pitra Aradhana, etc. people perform this puja to get rid of pitru dosh in his Kundli, it is mandatory to perform this puja to get rid of this dosha.

  • KALSHARPYOG PUJA: Kalsharp dosha can bring a threat to finances, health, and prosperity of one’s life. So, this ritual is done to get rid of this dosha.

  • TIRPINDI SHRADH PUJA: When someone has died unnaturally, this puja becomes very important for someone in the family to perform this shraddha for the salvation to the deceased ancestor.

                       Best Day for Pind Daan

Story :

It is said that those who leaves their bodies, be it in any locality or in any form, come to earth in the Shraddha fortnight and are satisfied with Shraddha and Tarapanam.According to Hinduism, Pind-Daan is performed for the salvation of one’s departed loved one’s. In this way, Pind-Daan is done in many places of the country According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, it is said that when King Dasharatha died during the exile of Rama and Sita, Rama and Sita also went to Gaya for Pind-daan in Pitru Paksha. Rama and Lakshman went towards the city to collect the necessary material for Pind-daan and Sita ji was waiting for both of them to return to at the bank of river Phalgu in Gaya Dham. There was less time for Pind-daan when King Dasaratha’s soul demanded Pind-daan. Seeing the passage of time, Sita Ji considered the vat tree, Ketaki flowers and cow on the banks of the river Phalgu as witnesses and made a pind of sand for the late King Dasaratha and conducted Pinddaan.


Pind Daan is a significant ritual in Hinduism that allows the relatives of the deceased to pay their respects and offer peace to the departed souls. While opinions may differ, it is important to consider the beliefs and customs followed by individuals and their families when deciding the best time for Pind Daan. Whether it is performed in the afternoon or early morning, the intent and devotion behind the ritual hold paramount importance. Ultimately, the goal is to honor and remember the departed souls while seeking their blessings and liberation.

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