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How to explore Varanasi


Varanasi also known as Kashi is one of the oldest living cities in the world. Varanasi is the cultural capital of India, and it is the best tourist attraction of India. This city is full of mysteries and celebrations, it is said that people of Varanasi celebrate festivals 365 days. It is a city that transcends time, inviting travellers from all walks of life to explore its spiritual, cultural, and historical places. Whether you seek solace in its sacred rituals, marvel at its architectural wonders, or immerse yourself in its vibrant markets, Varanasi promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of India's cultural tapestry. Embrace the mystique, absorb the spirituality, and let the ancient city of Varanasi weave its enchanting spell on you. In this blog we will focus on how to Explore Varanasi.

How to Explore Varanasi:

Note: If You want to understand Kashi, come at the time of festivals such as Holi, Dev Diwali, New Year, Shravan etc. where you will get to know the culture of Kashi. But if you are coming into Kashi for peace, you should avoid festivals because this city is full of traffic and extremely hard to explore at the time of festivals.

Few things to note down:

1. Avoid personal vehicles.

2. Use electric toto to navigate all the places.

3. Don’t fall for special food items recommended by Instagram influencers.

4. Keep your wallets and mobile very safe.

5. You will have to walk around 4 kilometres a day because vehicles are not allowed at all the places.

If You are coming by train: From Varanasi Junction you can easily get a toto for Lanka at just 25rs and from Banaras junction at just 30rs. Then you should plan according to your arrival time if you have enough time take a toto at just 10rs for assi ghat and come to Ganga to take a bath then take a boat for national corridor at 50rs or 100rs for sharing and go for the darshan of baba Vishwanath, then you should take a rikshaw for Baba Kaal Bhairav for 20rs visit kaal Bhairav and after that if you have enough time take a rikshaw for Mrityunjay Mahadev at 20rs and then return back to baba Vishwanath at just 20rs by toto then according to you time choose your place to watch Ganga Aarti. At Dashashwamedha ghat World famous Ganga aarti starts at 6:30 pm and at Assi Ghat it starts from 6:50 pm. And if you have any kind of pooja to perform in Kashi you can contact us +91 9598750867.

Places to Visit in Varanasi:

It is said that Baba Kaal Bhairav guards this city from all the evils in day and without his darshan there is no importance of Baba Vishwanth darshan so 1st visit Baba Kaal Bhairav, then Go to Visit Baba Vishwanath, Maa Annapurna, Maa Vishalakshi, Mani Mandir, Durga Kund temple, Sankat Mochan temple, Tulsi Manas temple, Birla temple in BHU and attend the Ganga Aarti either at Dashashwamedha ghat or Assi Ghat or you can watch it in your phone on daily basis on YouTube channel of Mahatarpan.


Things to taste in Varanasi:

1. Kachori+sabji near Baba Kaal Bhairav temple

2. Lassi either from Pahalwan lassi or any shop at laxa chauraha

3. Malaiyo

4. Chaat

5. Rabdi+Jalebi

6. Meetha Paan

Note: You should taste it at multiple shops to know the real taste.

Note: We have already discussed about food items to test to know in full detail read that blog on things to taste in Varanasi.

Varanasi or Banaras is not a city its emotion, people come to explore this city but they loose themselves in this city, People say that this city should be felt not to explore. When you sit along the banks of river you will realize your existence, when you will visit the Baba Vishwanth temple you will feel the dense atmosphere of that temple. When you will visit the Manikarnika ghat Mahashmashan of Varanasi a place where death is celebrated, you will know the truth of Life. A recommendation by Mahatarpan, if you want to feel Banaras, leave every worldly thing to your home, come without anything, don’t take hotels to live, sleep at ghats, walk along the ghats, talk to locals, participate in all the Aarti’s of temples like baba Vishwanth temple, bhu temples.

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