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Various rituals and ceremonies are performed throughout the year in Hinduism as they value the journey of life extending beyond the physical realm and the bond of all souls. Honouring and remembering the departed ancestors and family members is crucial, and Tripindi Shraddh is a notable observance that holds significant importance in Hindu tradition. This article delves into the essence of Tripindi Shraddh, the significance it holds, and the accompanying rituals to it.

Understanding Tripindi Shraddh:

A unique Hindu ceremony, known as Tripindi Shraddh, is conducted as a symbol of respect for those who have passed away, especially those who passed away suddenly or without completing their final rites. Derived from two Sanskrit words- "tri" meaning three and "pindi" meaning round balls or mounds- Tripindi is an offering of three balls made from rice, water, and sesame seeds.

Significance of Tripindi Shraddh:

1.Redemption of Souls: Tripindi Shraddh is believed to provide salvation and liberation to the souls of departed ancestors. It is performed to release them from any lingering attachments or unfulfilled desires, ensuring they move towards their ultimate destination, be it Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death) or a better afterlife.

2.Fulfilment of Unfinished Rituals: Sometimes, due to several reasons, the last rites of a deceased person may not be performed properly. Tripindi Shraddh is performed to compensate for these shortcomings and ensure the deceased souls find peace.

3.Family Unity: This ritual also fosters a sense of unity and continuity within the family. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between the living and the deceased members, emphasizing the importance of honouring one's ancestors.

Tripindi Shraddh

The Timing of Tripindi Shraddh:

Tripindi Shraddh is typically performed during specific periods, most notably during the Pitru Paksha, a 16-day lunar period in the Hindu calendar that falls in the Krishna Paksha (waning phase) of the Ashwin month. This period is considered highly auspicious for performing rituals dedicated to ancestors. However, Tripindi Shraddh can also be performed on other occasions when it is believed necessary, such as on the death anniversary of a family member.

The Rituals of Tripindi Shraddh:

1.Preparation: Before beginning the ritual, the family members clean the house and prepare a sacred space where the ceremony will take place. An image or idol of Lord Vishnu is placed at the center, symbolizing the presiding deity for the occasion.

2.Offering of Pindas: The main part of Tripindi Shraddh is the offering of three pindas (rounded rice balls) to the deceased souls. These pindas are placed on a sacred thread and offered with prayers, mantras, and the pouring of water. The ritual is performed with utmost devotion and sincerity.

3.Feeding the Brahmins: After the pinda offerings, it is customary to feed Brahmins or priests as a symbol of honouring the ancestors. This act is considered highly meritorious and is believed to bring blessings to the family.

4.Tarpan: Tarpan involves offering water to the ancestors while chanting specific mantras. This is done to seek forgiveness for any mistakes or shortcomings and to ensure the well-being and progress of the departed souls.


Tripindi Shraddh is a beautiful and significant ritual in Hinduism that emphasizes the eternal connection between the living and the departed souls. It is a way for families to express their love, respect, and gratitude towards their ancestors and to ensure their peaceful journey in the afterlife. This ancient tradition reminds us of the importance of honouring our roots and supporting a sense of continuity in our family's spiritual journey.

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