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Please come to India’s spiritual heart, where the ancient city of Varanasi invites us with its calm and peaceful places for meditation. This city lies on the hallowed banks of the Ganges and is a place that can truly be called mystical. Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in existence, Varanasi has been a hub for meditation, yoga, and contemplation. This sacred city has plenty of meditation places where people who are searching for inner peace and self-realization can go. The mediation spaces found here offer an unusual combination of custom, faithfulness, and divine attachment; whether you are experienced in this or simply curious about it. In this blog we will discuss about the divine meditation places in Varanasi where the mind finds solace and the soul connects with the ancient wisdom that permeates this timeless city.

Meditation Places in Varanasi 

1.Assi Ghat Meditation Centre:

Assi Ghat is one of the best meditation places in Varanasi, according to Hinduism, after killing the demons Shumbh-Nishumbh Goddess Durga threw her sword named ‘Asi’ at this place that is why this ghat is known as Assi Ghat. Ganga aarti is performed at this place at both times that makes the atmosphere of this place divine. Overlooking the confluence of the Ganges and Assi rivers, this centre provides a tranquil setting for meditation. The gentle lapping of the river's waters and the distant hum of temple bells create a serene ambiance, making it an ideal spot for contemplation and mindfulness.

Assi Ghat


2.Swarved Temple:

The Swarved Temple is a light of spiritual knowledge that invites people to begin their journey towards self-discovery and inner transformation. It is distinctive architecture, philosophy and outreach programs make it an exceptional destination for those looking for deeper meanings in life. Swarved Temple allows visitors to have a timeless space for spiritual growth be it when they come for meditation, yoga or just peace. This temple is the best meditation place in Varanasi.


2.Shri Yoga Mandir:

A spiritual retreat offering yoga and meditation classes, Shri Yoga Mandir nestles within the narrow lanes of Varanasi. The centre is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through ancient yogic practices. This article argues that with experienced instructors guiding practitioners through mediation sessions, Shri Yoga Mandir is a haven for those looking for both physical and mental rejuvenation.


3.Dhamek Stupa:

People who prefer that their meditation practice be set against a historical and cultural background may choose Dhamek Stupa in Sarnath which is located close to Varanasi. Dating back to the fifth century, this ancient structure is thought to commemorate Buddha’s first sermon; it has been claimed by Buddhists as the spot where Buddha gave his first discourse after enlightenment. The peaceful surroundings around the stupa are ideal for meditating where visitors can draw on the spiritual energy of the place.


4.Wat Thai Sarnath:

Amongst the many places in Varanasi one can opt to do meditation include Wat Thai Sarnath- a Thai Buddhist temple situated in Sacred City. Mediation Retreats are also offered at this temple apart from its magnificent Thai architecture. For those looking to deepen their practice of meditation, there is no better way than entering into such a serene atmosphere and learn from seasoned monks.


5.Tulsi Ghat Meditation Centre:

Tulsi Ghat still remains an undiscovered aspect of life along the riverfront despite being always associated with Tulsidas, a famous poet. Tulsi Ghat Meditation Centre is a place where one can find tranquillity amidst the busy Ghats. With slow flow of Ganges and chants from far temples, it provides an environment suitable for meditation on self.


Our View:

Varanasi has numerous meditation spots that accommodate all kinds of people in search of spiritual guidance. Come to think of it, There are the silent riverbanks which calm your intricate desires and thoughts once more or you can visit Buddha’s ancient stupas to have a glimpse at history, or take lessons from well-known yoga gurus; all these events will help you begin a journey towards yourself and peace of mind in Banaras. "Mediatation is all about mental peace and in Varanasi it is very easy to get a peacefull spot where you can sit and loose yourself in search of your innerself.

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