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Plan Your Journey With us !

Experience the Divine Kashi !

Varanasi the cultural capital of India is the most spiritual place in the world. People from all walks of life comes to explore this divine city, some of them come to perform ancestral rituals on the ghats of Kashi as it is considered that a person gets the freedom from the cycle of rebirth. In 2023 More than 10 crore people visited Varanasi for the multi purposes like Ancestral worship, explore Kashi etc. so it is a hurricane task to explore all the famous places or to perform those ancestral rituals without proper guidance, so Mahatarpan gives you everything Accommodation, Transport, Hassle free darshan and best pooja Packages.

What is offered by Mahatarpan?

1. Accommodation

2. Transport

3. Well learned guide

4. Hassle Free Darshan (VIP Darshan)

5. VIP facilities at everywhere

6. Well Educated Priest for the pooja

7. All kind of Bookings

8. All kind of pooja in all the temples

9. Tour and Travel Services

For more info contact +91 9598750867

Offered Pooja by Mahatarpan :

1. Tarpan

2. Pind pradanam

3. Shraddh

4. Asthi Visarjan

5. Narayan Bali or Nagbali

6. Tripindi Shraddh

7. Rudrabhishekam

8. Mrityunjay Hawan

9. Pitrushanti Pooja

10. Other Poojas

Note :

All the Ancestral worship on the spiritually important ghats like Manikarnika, Raja or Assi Ghat. 

Rudrabhishekam will be performed either in Baba Vishwanth temple or Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple.

How will Mahatarpan help you?

If you are planning to visit Varanasi (Kashi), tell us how many days you are about to spend in this city and let us plan your days in Kashi like at which time you should visit the temple so that you can visit all the places in the best way. We will provide you the best hotels according to your budget and a car to go everywhere with a guide to help you in everything and he will provide you hassle free darshan in all the temples. If you want to perform any kind of pooja, our learned purohits will help you in perfoming all kind of rituals at a proper place.

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