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Maa Warahi Temple

Goddess Varahi Devi is a Hindu deity representing the feminine aspect of the all-pervading power of creation, which is inherent in all animate and inanimate beings. She is one of the Matrikas, Matrikas is a group of seven Mother Goddesses which exist in the form of ‘Shakti.’ Shri Varahi Devi is the female counterpart of Varaha, the boar Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Goddess is the regent of the Northern direction and revered by most Hindu sects, including Vaishnavas, Shaiva’s and Shaktas.Worship of Varahi Devi is often carried at night, using secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices. She is called Barahi in Nepal and the Buddhist goddesses Vajra Varahi and Marichi are also widely believed to be a form of the Goddess.

Goddess Varahi is depicted in the form of a boar, wielding a discus and a sword, with which she dispels evil forces when needed. She is sometimes depicted seated on a preta (corpse) while using her mighty tusks to fight demons. The Goddess Varahi is depicted as standing, seated or dancing and wears a conical crown called as  Karanda Mukuta. She is also portrayed as having all the various attributes of Lord Vishnu and sometimes associated with holding the Universe in her womb. The Goddess is also considerd as the granter of boons and destroyer of enemies. She is also a focal point of Tantric worship and people pray to her for leading a long and prosperous life.

Temple Of Goddess Varahi:

Some temples in India are dedicated to Varahi mother as the chief deity are found all over the India. Maa Varahi is worshiped in some temples as part of the Sapta-Matrika. She is the primary deity of the Varahi Chaurasi temple in Orissa, where she is worshped according to tantric rites. She is worshiped as Pataal Bhairavi in some temples. A shrine of the Goddess is also present in the Brihadeeswar temple in Thanjavur. One more prominent temple of the Goddess is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


Maa Varahi temple is located at D16/84, Manmandir ghat near Visalakshi Temple. It is 700 meter far from Kashi Vishwanath temple. The temple opens for 2 hours from 5:30 am to 7:30 am .

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